We provide a growing system for growers who wants to start small but still have the option to expand bit by bit to a larger operation.

Current development focus

- Microgreens (current focus 2022)
- Leafy greens/lettuce (under development)
- Herbs (future plans)
- Flowers (future plans)


Introduction to our microgreen system

This video gives you a brief overview on how the system works - find more videos on our YouTube channel

Download full guide here

If you want to learn more about the system, you can download our 22 page whitepaper, where we have some more indepth information.

  • Why we created the system

  • How the automatic watering system works

  • How the system is assembled

  • How the production is done


Are you interested in naturally treated microgreen seeds?

We have been working for a long time now to find a way to treat seeds without chemicals and that are dry after the cleaning process. 

The goal is to reduce seed contamination problems for the grower so they will always get a good seed batch. Imagine not having to worry about a bad seed batch anymore? And for almost the same price as you had before!

Sign up on our interest list and we will soon provide you with more information and let you try it before everyone else and see it for yourself. 


Who is this growingsystem for?

The Hobbyist

If you are just starting out and want to learn the basic of growing microgreens for yourself and friends, but knowing that you can scale it to a business down the road.

The Startup farm

You are planning or are already producing microgreens and looking for a growingsystem that helps you from seed all the way to delivering a product to a potensial customer.

Already a Small or medium sized producer?

Are you looking to avoid soil? Add a wateringsystem? Improving production and handeling? Indoor or greenhouse? We can help you!


Learning the basic of microgreen growing

Here we will look at the basics of growing microgreens and comparing to diffrent ways to grow them

Page under construction


Getting customers for your microgreens 

Turning your microgreen growing into a sidegig and getting your first customers is a first big step

Page under construction


Automatic watering and scaling your microgreen production

Growing microgreens in a greenhouse or indoors, multiple levels or only one, how to scale a production, learn more about it here

Page under construction

Interested to know more? Contact us!

Get in touch with us for a quote sheet for parts, if you are planning starting up a new production or maybe interesting to switching to the system. Send us a email and we can schedule a call and discuss your current situtation, plans or questions.

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