A new microgreen production system  

You can start from your kitchentable and later on be able to expand to a medium sized operation with the same system

Our Mission

Providing the best TOOLS and INFORMATION on how to improve your growing and scaling your commercial microgreen operation.

[0] - Start Here

Find the system guide overview on this page


For new growers

Learn the basics of the system, how you can start you with a growingkit to and learn the basics


Wateringsystem and how you can scale it

learn more about the wateringsystem, how it's assembled and pointers about setting up your growing space. 


Starting a commerical operation

Here we explain how you can get your first customers, setting up your growing schedules, deliveries, pricing and mush more


[4] - Download our free PDF system guide here

Find our 16 page whitepaper guide here, it's describing why we created the system, how it works and a lot more!  

[5] - Articles and other Guides 

Find more articles here

[6] - Youtube tutorials and tips 







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[10] - Nordamark Store

Find our growingkits, hempfiber and seeds here!

[11] - Community and Forum

Find or ask questions to your fellow growers or post an idea on a growing setup. Register and get active below!

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