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Nordamark Growing System

Introducing a new method of producing microgreens!



Here you can find information regarding the diffrent aspects of growing using the system.

[0] Introduction

[0-1] The problem with soil and trays in microgreen production

[0-2] The problem with hemp or similiar hydroponic growing media in microgreen production

[0-3] The problems Nordamark faced and the reson we developed the system

[0-4] Trays & Soil vs Channels & Hemp [Production comparison]

[1] Step 1 - Learning the basics with a growing kit

[1-4] Setting up your first grow area and what you need to think about

[1-5] What should I start to grow?

[2] Step 2 - Understanding the wateringsystem with a testkit 1-4

[2-2] Overview of how the wateringsystem works in the system

[2-1] Why watering is so important when it comes to microgreens 

[2-3] How the watering system can scale from your kitchentable to a larger operation in a step by step fashion

[2-4] Intructions on how to set up your first wateringsystem

[2-5] Overview of the diffrent testkits we recommend

[2-6] Building your own shelfsystem out of wood

[2-7] The processes of production from seed to harvest

[3] Step 3 - How to start and scale a commerical microgreen operation

[3-1] How to start a commercial operation from your kitchentable and scale your operation? 

[3-2] How do gain your first customer?

[3-3] What products to grow and in what format should I deliver them in? (cut/live)

[3-4] A suggestions on how to set up a subrcription service for restaurants

[3-5] What income and cost to expect when setting up? Scenario example

[5] Products - Learn more about the products we have


[5-1] Channel 115/54

Made from foodgrade PVC material, highly durable and can be stacked on top of each other. This way you can save a lot space and also act as a germination chamber. 

The channel is the base of the whole plattform. And is crucial to be able to use hempfiber as a growing media. 

[5-1] Hempfiber

We use a voven hempfiber in the production. The reasons are many but the most prominent once are:

  • Renewable material 

  • Compostable

  • Good water retention

  • Ariated structure

  • Cut in desired length

  • Cleaner

  • Resaturants can bring into kitchen

  • Low weight

The main downside with the hempfiber is the brown discolourment of the water initially.

[5-1] 3D printed parts

The parts and components used in the system is 3D printed. These means we can update and improve the models very fast. 

The parts uses a Foodgrade PETG material. Also when the part is no longer in use we can recycle it so it's melted back into rawmaterials again.  

[5-1] Seeds

We also provide all the seeds we use in our own production. This way you know that it's good quality seeds. And you can expect good results.


We will provide you with growing instructions for all the varities we use in our own production and later also many more.  

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