Hemp fiber - (Roll) 15mx10cm

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A new very interesting growing media is hempfiber, which is woven to a matt. It's a realtive new growing media that has stared to be used more and more. It has good properties of comtaining air pockets and can hold alot of water. If you look at it from a enviroment perspecitve you have a material that is sustainable and can be composted after usage. Comparing hemp with soil you get other benfits like less mess during production, problems regarding problems like mold and fungus that can come from soil, and also the wieght is mushed reduced compared to soil. This makes the hemp a good material to use in a more urban enovirment.

The size of the hempfiber is 10 cm width, 15 m long whoch makes it a very good fit for our growing channels.  



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