Hempfiber Growing media - 7 pack (56 pieces)

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Precut hemofiber in the size of 105x62x8 mm (LxWxH), comes in lengths of 8, total 50 cm. In this package it's 7 lengths, a total of 56 pieces. Use one length for the growingkit 54 cm or 2 x for the longer 115 cm kit. The primary purpose with the precut hempfiber is to grow living products that you can have in your cooler. Caboard packaging is also something we will offer here later on.

If you need larger amounts contact us at info@nordamark.se






Technical Information

 Size of one piece: 105x62x8 mm (LxWxH)

Size of a length, 50 cm and totalt 8 pieces.

Contains 7 lengths

Growing media: Hemp

Compostable: Yes

The hemp fiber comes from a industry hemp, which is a renewable source and provide benefits to the fields when used in crop rotation. 

The hemp mat absobs a lot water which can lead to over watering, this is the reason we developed the channel to avoid this.

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