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Microgreen Growingkit from Nordamark

Updated: May 1, 2021

When it comes to growing microgreens there are multiple options to start. What I'm going to present to you here is how you can start using the system from Nordamark with minimal cost upfront. The goal here is to only to get the most needed products to start growing, get the basic understanding and give you results.

For most new growers we recommend to start with a 54 cm growingkit. Inside the kit you will find the following:

Growingkit 54cm (swe/international)

2x Channels 54 cm

3x Hempfiber 50 cm

4x Endcaps

2x Seed bags (broccoli and radish)

1x Instruction

The larger 115 cm kit contains

Growingkit 115cm (swe/international)

2x Channels 115 cm

3x Hempfiber 100 cm

4x Endcaps

3x Seed bags (broccoli, radish, mustard)

1x Instruction

We only recommend the longer one if you are interested to start a commercial operation down the road.

Here's an old video on the growing kit, a new video is in the making and will replace this one here soon.

Download the instructions and find more info on our forum (members only)

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