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These are the 6 parts we focused on when we developed the system


1# Soil or Soilless

We wanted to create a system that specificly could handle soilless growingmedia better then the standard tray. And when we refere to soilless in this case it's more a voven fiber material, example hempfiber, cocofiber, linenfiber ect. But will still also work with soil if there's no other options. 

2# Scalabilty

As many growers are starting at very smale scale for example the kitchentable or a shelf in the living room. We wanted to make sure you could start at that level but then be able to easy scale to a larger facility using more or less the same equipment thought the whole process. You add more equipment or uppgrade to the automatic watering config when you are ready.


3# Flexible

Growing microgreens can be done with little use of space, either in a greenhouse or indoors using a shelf system. We wanted to make sure you can use the system either way. Setting up a cheap custom verical setup is also done easy by using wooden beams. 


4# Working more efficient

Growing microgreens can get very time consuming if you don't plan ahead. the labour intensive parts is usually the watering which need to be done 1-2 times a day depening on your environment, and if you have hundreds of trays this will take time. This is solved with a watering system that can be added later on. 

The other aspect is the production of the trays, using the soil method works well at the start but will get heavier the more trays you do. Using the channels with a soilless fiber you will be able to work 2-3 times faster without the need for any machines.




5# Logistics and delivery

Growing you product is one thing, but when it comes to delivery of you product this also needs to be efficent, add value to the end consumer and if possible done in a sustainable way. 

By using the channels and the soilless media we have developed a process with a new container made with cardboard, which makes it easy to pack in the production and also is easy for the restaurants to use.


6# Continual improvements

The system is specifically made to work well with growing microgreens for now. But we see potensial in many more types of crops in the near future with just a few extra changes to the system.

We are also building a community that would like to improve exsisting parts and hopefully also coming up with a few new ideas as well. The system is build to work well with 3D printers.

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