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First time grower or experinced?

To learn how the plattform works, we suggest you to start with the growing kit. 

Which contains eveything you need to start growing microgreens at home.  

We don't want you to spend a lot of on a large system that might not fit you. But by starting smal you learn and understand on what to expect!

Need to know

The growing kits comes in two sizes large (115 cm) and smal (54 cm). 

Which one to choose?

Everyone doesen't have a lot space so then the smal one is recommended. Also deliveries to restaurants are done in the 54 cm. The largers sized channels is used in the larger production system. If you have a greenhouse or planning to set up a larger system then we recommend the larger size.

The channels is sold seperatly so when you know which one you want. add more later! 

Why you should try it?

The founder started to grow on his kitchen table in 2015 and later expanded bit by bit too finally started to deliver to multiple distributers and all over the country. 

Nordamark decided to develop its own production system to handle the larger volumes if microgreens. The reason was because it was difficult using the established system with trays and soil. 

This was the inpiration when we at Nordamark developed the platform. Too let growers start small and later be able scale the system too something larger. By trying the growing kit you will take your first step.



Ready for the Next step?