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Our Mission

Advancing the development of new scalable solutions for farmers and growers worldwide


On a kitchentable in 2015, the first plants was grown by the founder. From there step by step over the years it expanded to a lager facility and delivered to multiple distributers in sweden. Thanks to the insights during the first years of operation we gained the knowledge and understood the underlaying challanges and issues of production, especially when it comes to microgreens.

The result was the development of a new solution that was initially only to solve the needs we had in our own company. 

It wasn't until we published pictures and videos on social media we saw the extent of the needs from other growers. It was then we decided to switch our focus on our own production and start to help other farmers more instead.

We have since late 2019 delivered the new solution to hundreds of growers worldwide from Australia, Austria, UK, US, Venzuela and many more.    

Meet The Team


Michael Skaret

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CEO and Found of Nordamark

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